Custom buit oven Problem with heating element wireing


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Custom buit oven Problem with heating element wireing

I am in the process of building a custom built oven for laminating moulds but I am struggling what and how to wire heating elements inside the oven as this is the only thing I can think of to get the heat as most halogen heaters have thermal cut outs in and will just stop. I only want to reach max of 100 c and the oven is 4ft x 2ft and well insulated. I have fitted to the external a junction box with a 240 volt contactor and a thermostat in series with the on/off switch which is then going to the oven.
I am going to get 2 x heating elements no bigger wattage than a 13 amp standard supply. ( might only be able to have one)
The problem I am thinking as not sure how to wire the heating elements up.
I have from the bottom of my contactor 1 x live,1 x neutral and a earth.
Do i just put the live 240 volt from the contactor to the element one side and the other side of the element live coming back to where i got the live from .
I take it I won't need the neutral but just not sure regards to the just putting the live one side of the element and then back to the live it started from.
Any help will be appreciated or and ideas of how to get 100c inside a custom built oven.
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Halogen can be used especially since you are building the oven. If you use a halogen space heater you do have to contend with the heater's thermostat and thermal protections but if you use bare halogen elements you will not have the thermal cut outs.

In the US to get 240 volts we would have to connect two 120 volt hot leads. If your standard current is 230 or 240 volts I think you'd just connect one end of the heating elements to your thermostat and the other end to neutral.

When making baking ovens I often use old household ovens. They can be found free by the side of the road and contain all the parts needed.

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