Delay switch source


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Delay switch source

I am wanting a switch that turns on after a 1 to 12 hour delay or so. Similar to an oven timer type thing. This is on a 110 circuit however.

Despite quite a bit of searching I can't find what I am wanting. I have a feeling it has a technical term that I am not aware of..............
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Timing relay. My supply house and electronic supplies both have them.
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Since 110 volt circuits are not normally used in the U.S. our residential voltage being 120/240, you might look for 120.
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Is that it..... just turn on.... not off automatically.

Timers can be obtained for specific purposes but you need to tell us exactly what you want the timer to do.
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120v sorry. Back when I did some of this stuff back in high school the guys always seemed to call it 110, I have also seen 115.

I also want it to turn off automatically - obviously an important question.

The application is very similar to if I wanted to turn on a bath fan for 1-4 hours but I didn't want it to start up until maybe 1, 2 or 12 hours from now.

Edit - the time I want it to wait and the time for it to run all need to be variable.

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