Electrical Wiring Connection Issue


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Electrical Wiring Connection Issue

I was installing my Stelpro electric heater a Sil20 8.34/7.21 Amps, 2000/1500 Watts, 240/208 Volts. When i removed the old one I noticed the wire that comes from the thermostat to the heater is a white covered wire 14/2 but the wire from the fuse panel is a red covered wire 12/2. Can someone help with this issue I think i should replace the white 14/2 with a red 12/2, I am I right to do this and what issues did this cause by these wires being this way.
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Power Equation--- Power ( in Watts ) = E ( line voltage ) X I ( current-value in amperes).

If the current on a 15 amp conductor ( #14 wire) was 10 amps in a 240 volt circuit , the power is 240 X 10 = 2400 Watts.

Your power-draw on a #14 wire, thermostat-to-load connection ) is less than 2400 Watts, so you have a "wide" saftey-margin as applied to the current in a #14 conductor.

Your only concern is that the rating of the breaker protecting this circuit is 15 amps; a 20 amp CB would be a NEC violation.
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Welcome to the forums.

There are no safety issues. That piece of white 14-2 wire is fine.

The only reason you'd need to change it is if the Canadian electrical code stated that all heater wiring must be red.
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The reason for the white wire is the red and black probably terminated at the thermostat and they continued the run with black and white, forming a switch loop. No issue with the wiring as you seem to be within the parameters as PATTBAA indicated, depending on the size breaker you have. Should be 15 amp.
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But Canada has different colored individual wires in NM intended for 240 volt circuits so it might be a minor technical violation.
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5 yard penalty, at most, don't you think?? :NO NO NO: By all means check the Canadian code to make sure you don't need to have a red wire. I should think repurposing the white wire would not affect anything, physically.
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Your post is a bit confusing because 14/2 and 12/2 both refer to 2-conductor cables, not wires.

If you're saying that the 12/2 cable from your panel to the thermostat has one black and one red wire in it but the 14/2 cable from the thermostat to the heater has one black and one white wire, then the 12/2 cable conforms to the CEC requirement for insulation colors in 240V circuits and the 14/2 does not.

That said, an inspector is unlikely to compel you to replace it just to get the colors corrected. As chandler suggested, tagging the white wire with a bit of electrical tape or permanent marker at each end would be a valuable thing to do and should (we hope) be acceptable.

As has already been said, the size of the conductors in the 14/2 cable is sufficient to handle the load of the heater you're installing.

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