Hot Tub Spa Panel Questions


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Hot Tub Spa Panel Questions

Hello I'm looking for a little advice and guidance. I recently purchased a new hot tub. It came with a Spa sub panel and a 60 amp GFCI breaker. The panel is small with room for two additional breakers.

Question #1) I would like to add a couple outdoor plugs and deck lighting in the future. With this additional electrical demand I'm wondering what size breaker would be recommended in the main panel to feed the sub panel. Also what sized wire should be used between the two panels. Keeping in mind it's about a 40 foot run between panels and I do have access to some armoured aluminum wire.

Question #2) Is 6 gauge aluminum wire adequate to run from the 60 amp GFCI in the sub panel to the tub. I do believe the code for that between a 10 and 30 foot run.

Question #3) Do you have to do anything special with the striped aluminum wire ends at the connections. I'm used to copper. First time using aluminum.

Thanks in advance
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I had this long azz answer typed out for you THEN realized you're in Canada
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Welcome to the forums.

I'm guessing the hot tube is outdoors.
How do you plan on getting the wiring from your main panel to your spa panel ? Underground ?

Without waiting for your response I'm going to assume underground using PVC pipe. For a short run like you are talking about I'd consider staying with #6 copper. If you do go to aluminum then you'll need to upsize the wire to #4.
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So this is what I was thinking just because I already have this wire on hand (left over from a friends project)

#2 aluminum wire from the main house panel to the spa sub panel with 60 amp GFCI breaker. From their it calls for #6 wire to the tub. However I have #4 aluminum direct burry armoured wire that I would like to use cause it's in the shed.

If I use antioxidant on all the connections I think I should be fine with the larger wire gauges. I know people frown on aluminum wire. But have been told on the larger gauges it's safe and fine to use.
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I'd suggest checking the lugs at the spa control panel. If they are marked "CU Only", you cannot terminaqte aluminum wire in them even with the antioxidant. I think you'll have a problem terminating the #2 aluminum wire in a 60 amp breaker at the main panel too.
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Also, the ground wire HAS to be insulated copper if this is like the NEC.

For the panel feed AND tub.

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