Wiring a switch on a post


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Wiring a switch on a post

I have an interior load bearing column that consists of two 2x6's sandwiched together. I was considering adding two additional 2x6's to make the column more substantial looking. I was hoping that I could place a switch on one of the new 2x6's running the wiring between the new and existing 2x6's. This run would be approx 1.5' to a pony wall that runs between the column and a wall. Is it allowed to run wire between to sandwiched lumbers? I assume if it is allowed it would have to be in conduit?
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Id you rout a channel in the center of the existing 2x6 for the cable to be in, secure it there, and cover that with the new 2x6 with the switch box and a hole for the wiring to exit to the half wall, it should be OK. No, you don't need to use conduit and I'm not sure how you could fit it in anyway.
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Sounds great, thanks! That was my original plan but for some reason thought it would have to be in conduit.
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If this is outside use UF-b cable.

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