What Paint For NM-B In Overhead


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What Paint For NM-B In Overhead

well, in theory, I can fasten my NM cable along the centerline of my floor joists (the sides, of course; not bottom edge) under my first floor (basement), properly supported every three feet or so, fastened with cables ties or staples and that is acceptable. You can look up and see them. Therefore suppose I want to paint color coding on each home run instead of colored electrical tape?
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Shouldn't be an issue. I'd probably use a latex as opposed to a solvent based. They have latex in spray paint as well if that was the route you were going.
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I second the recommendation for latex paint! Latex is somewhat flexible, solvent based coatings are not. What that means is the latex is more apt to adhere long term than a solvent based coating is.
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Painting the plastic jacket of Type NM-b cable is not recommended, since it can impair the flexibility of it. Temporary marking with colored electrical tape, or tagging with paper tags or white electrical tape with written notes are sometines done. The most common method of all is to simply write the information on the jacket with a permanent marker.

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