wiring barn for 240


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wiring barn for 240

Currently barn has "dual input" with a run of UF 10/3 + ground and UF 12/3 + ground servicing it, off of 60a garage panel. The run is about 250' (one-way) spot on. The 10/3 feeds the barn's existing panel, and the 12/3 is actually a homemade extension cord with an outlet in barn and a plug that goes into garage receptacle. This is actually handy as I can "unplug" the barn with that cord, or just spin the fuse for the 10/3 to unplug the barn's service panel. I could move a 10 a fuse over and have a simple 240 as the barn's panel is already wired for it.

What I'd like to do is use my 240v welder and possibly a water heater (not at same time) in the barn. The welder is happy with a 20a dual pole breaker. I'm curious the best way to accomplish this. I could parallel the existing colors to have basic 8 awg equivalency, which according to my calculations is sufficient for the run. That would leave a lot of redundancy for the neutral/ground which are wired to the same bar in both panels. The garage itself is fed with two legs of 6awg and one of 8 or 10 for the neutral. I also have a buried 6awg from garage to barn which isn't in use but could be connected. I'm curious the best way to go about this. Do I need all the redundancy of 2 neutrals + 2 more grounds? The heater naturally has no need for neutral and the welder has a small cooling fan using 120.

Thanks for reading! Jack
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Only supposed to have one feed to a building. Also can not parallel feeds that small. Do you have details on the 6awg? It would need to be 4 conductor (hot,hot,neutral,ground) and you would put a small panel in barn (with grounding rod). Then feed it with 60 amp breaker. Abandon the 10/3 and 12/3.

Look at first sticky in this sub-forum - diagram two applies to your situation.
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I wish it was a 6/3 but it's a single 6awg cable that hasn't even been hooked up. I saw the referenced sticky after drawing a rough picture of what I'd like to do. Am I out of luck then as far as anything close to code goes?

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Wonder if online community would shun me for 'macgyver'ing it, as no one local would give a hoot.
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The only acceptable way we will help you with is abandon all the current wiring and start from scratch. It is already not code compliant adding to that is not the way to do it. If you want help doing it correctly we will be glad to help.

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