Why power inverter for car won't work for heating pad?


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Why power inverter for car won't work for heating pad?

My wife wants to use her heating pad from home when we travel in the car on long trips. I bought a 140W inverter to plug into the car and thought that would work fine. But it didn't. I returned the inverter but before I try buying another I though I would run it by you guys. The heating pad is only rated at 45W. When I tried to use it the control for the heating pad would come on at first and I would put it on medium setting but then the light would start flashing and it would not heat. Pad works fine at home plugged into the wall. Any ideas or suggestions?

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It is possible if the controller for the heating pad is electronic it my not operate with a modified sine wave inverter.
You could either look for a simple heating pad with no electronics or purchase a sine wave inverter.
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I have the same problem with my newer cordless tool chargers. They will not work on cheap modified sine wave inverters and need a pure sine wave for the electronics which is a shame because a true sine wave inverter costs about 3-4 times as much.

Another option would be to purchase a 12vdc car heating pad. I don't know where my wife found it but we have one so I know they do exist.
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