Low Voltage Lighting


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Low Voltage Lighting

I have several Malibu Path Lights. They were installed by the previous owner and I am ready to install a few more on my new Deck. They have 4 watt bulbs. After doing a little shopping, I was surprised to find that the manufacturer recommends number 12 gauge wire??
Why would Low Voltage 12V with a maximum 300W require such a large supply wire?
Yes they are referring to the feed to the lights not the transformer that has it's own cord.
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At 12 volts...... 300 watts is quite a hefty 25 amp load.

The more lights are added and the longer the cable run...... the more the voltage drops in the cable.

The larger the cable size the less of a voltage reduction.
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300 watts at 12 volts is 25 amperes, does that answer your question?

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