pre-planning for hot tub wiring layout


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pre-planning for hot tub wiring layout

Hi everyone,

I'm starting landscaping on my empty backyard soon, and I'd like to know where to trench for wiring for my above ground hot tub before I get started. Don't have the specific tub picked yet, but I'm planning on a 240v hard wired scenario. I've tried to get a certified electrician out here, so I know for sure where I should have everything laid out, but I've had several flake on the appointment or just not answer my calls. The landscaper can get started this week, so I'd like to have him dig out/lay conduit where needed so we can get started pouring the concrete, and worry about the electrical set up later on.

So I have the following questions if anyone is able to clarify for me-
Where should I have the landscaper lay conduit for the wiring?
Can we just trench to the existing a/c box and use that to get wiring through from the sub-panel?
Trench to same area and run another conduit along the wall/over the fence from the sub-panel?
Trench somewhere else?
Can that sub-panel even support the wiring for 240v 50/60amp tub, or will they need to somehow get power from the main panel in the garage? Took a picture of the panel, if you can tell from that. I don't know much about electrical. :/

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I think for pre-planning you need to try a litle harder to find a licensed electrical contractor. I wouldn't have the landscaper install or cover any conduits yet, it'll have to be inspected before it can be covered and you probably won't get an inspector to inspect till a permit has been issued by a contractor. That means the licensed contractor will have to install the conduit and call for inspection.

Try calling some local electrical supply houses mid to late morning when they shouldn't be too busy and ask them for recommendations for a few smaller contractors who specialize in this type of work.

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