Doorbell makes popping sound


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Doorbell makes popping sound

My wired doorbell started making a "pop" sound every 15 seconds about 10 days ago. The sound is coming from the speaker. I've checked all of the connections and nothing is loose. The noise occurs even when the wiring from the button to the chime is disconnected. The unit is 18 years old. Any help would be appreciated.
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Welcome to the forums.

Electronic chime units can be susceptible to line noise.
Usually when the circuit is open (button removed) the unit is quiet. Some units have a diode across the pushbutton. if yours doesn't then power has been run directly to the chime unit and it will most likely need to be replaced.
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Thanks for the reply. The noise occurs when the wires to the button are connected and when they are not. When you say that "it" will need to be replaced, I assume you mean the chime unit. Just to clarify, I have a chime that is separate from the speaker. When I disconnect the wires to the chime unit, I still have the noise. I do have another chime unit in the basement that is also connected to the front doorbell button. That one works fine.

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