low voltage heating materiel


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low voltage heating materiel

well im not sure how to explian that ill do my best. i want to create something like pencil size, but anithing should be great, but i want to know how could i create somehting with a batterie do heat an iron wire to become red, like toaster. so i resume, i would like to create somehting looking like a pen and where the graphite mine supposed to be its like a materiel becoming orange due to the heat sorry for my english

any question ask
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Years ago I saw a demo in a textbook that used a graphite rod from a pencil and a paper clip wrapped with foil on each end. The two wires from the battery went to the ends of the graphite rod then to the ends of the paper clip. The graphite rod acted as a shunt to prevent a dead short. If the foil was thin enough it would glow red.

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Warning Use only carbon zinc batteries to reduce the chance of the battery exploding.

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