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Ray, you may add to your troubleshooting a bad outlet ______
is turn off power to outlet if not GFIC remove the cover and gently wiggle the outlet
Over the last few years I have been finding them coming apart .when you remove the cover and wiggle the front of the recep it will fall off in your hand
I have just replaced three in my house a couple of months ago and have one now. These are not a cheap 19 cent special in a barrel or bargain shelf
But good quality outlets
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Do you mean the front piece of the receptacle comming loose from the back part of the receptacle?
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front loose from back

Exactly, I will try and get you a picture of one in a day or so
We are doing some remodeling and the one I need to do now is blocked
so I can't get to it
I found the first one by having a cover break and went to replace the cover
When the front fell off I thought it was from being hit and it broke as well
Did think it strange when the front came off in one piece and showed no cracks
The other one was found when the wife wanted a different color .Take the cover plate off and start taking the screws out of the recep and the front falls on the floor. the third one the same way
I would say brand and a bad lot but these are purchases from different times ,different stores . The one I have now to do as only been in place a a couple of years no heavy usage
Have had two people at work ask me about seeing it before and a have replaced a couple in houses

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