Joining multiple ultra thin LED light strings

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Question Joining multiple ultra thin LED light strings

I recently purchased several strings of "ultra thin" 100 LED light strings shown here at Amazon... - Rtgs Micro LED 100 Warm White Color Lights on 30 Ft Long Silver Ultra Thin String Wire
The wires are clear/silver and no larger than earbud wires, making them ideal for invisibly lighting the branches of our crape myrtles for the holiday season. The only down side is that each tree will require 4-5 strands, and as they are, each strand attaches to its own somewhat bulky 7.5v/800mA power supply via a 2.5mm female DC power plug. Instead of having 5 different leads running down the 4"-6" diameter trunk to a mess of power supplies on strip, I would prefer to bring all of the strings together near the base of the crown and run just a single set of wires down to a single power supply. I assume I can't just strip all the leads, solder them together to a single lead wire and run it down to one of the provided power supplies, but what are my options? As a side note, I already have a low voltage lighting line at the base of each tree for small spot lights. Would there be any way to use that? Then I wouldn't even have to mess with extension cords across the lawn....

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What's wrong with a power strip?
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I don't see much that you could do. I would have to guess the switching supply is sized about exactly to meet the demands of a single string. 800ma for 100 LEDs sounds about right. At 7.5v, that's about .06VA each.

Your LV lighting is probably 12 or 24 volts. To run the strings on that, you'd need to run two in series (15v, they'd be a little dim for 12) or 3 in series (22.5v, slightly under 24, but overage is well-dispersed)

The bold option is to just buy a power supply, 7.5v at maybe 5A, or 5000ma. 5 strings would take 4000ma or 4A.

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