Sauna Power Supply Unit and Timer


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Sauna Power Supply Unit and Timer

Hi All,

I apologize if there is a better section I could have posted in. I'm in a jam at work and really need some help with this project. I was a carpenter in my previous career, so I do have some very very novice electrical experience.

We are trying to convert a residential sauna into a testing facility where we can test our steel and glass interleaving papers in a humid and hot environment. However, this requires the sauna to stay on for periods of up to 48 hours. All residential saunas have been regulated by the government and now must have a timer to turn the unit off after 60 min.- I guess people have died from falling asleep in the units which is why this was implemented.

I initially thought I could just locate the wire that controls the timer, put a constant 12v to it, and done, but it seems like there is a switch in the PSU somewhere. Can someone please give me some suggestions on the easiest way to keep the unit on all the time? Please note, I still need to control the temperature.

Thanks so much for any help in advance.

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Without a wiring diagram, or at the very least a manufacturer and model number, no one will be able to tell you how to proceed.

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