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I've tapped through all of my personal electrical contacts to no avail so I'm hoping someone can lead me in the right direction...

I have a personal sauna (a tent-like contraption that is a dry heat sauna that you sit in) and it stopped working.

Actually, it can power on...the controller is what stopped working. The controller is wired to the heater unit. At first, it took many clicks to the power button to get it to turn on. This got increasingly worse. The last time I got it to turn on, I hit the buttons for 15 minutes and then finally it beeped on. matter what I do.

But, a red light comes on so I know it's not the heating unit, it's the controller.

I can't find anyone to help me fix this thing! It costs $500 to replace the one I have so I really want to try to fix it...even if it's just to have someone to rig it so it turns on by a different controller.

Anyone out there know how I could remedy this situation? Where I could go for help?


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Welcome to the forums!

It sounds like there may be a problem with the momentary switch or with a relay it controls.

What is the make and model of your personal sauna. Can you post a link to its installation instructions?
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Thank you Nashkat1!

It's a Royal Heat FIR Sauna. I should mention they went out of business and no one answers their forwarding number now (Healthy Heat Saunas - Portable Far Infrared FIR Dry Saunas for Detoxification).

I can look for the manual tomorrow as I'm pretty sure it's still around here...this is what's on the back of the controller for now though, if this helps:

Portable Intelligent Dry Heat Sauna
Model: ANP-32918
Voltage: AC120V, 60Hz
Power: 1000W

Here's a link to a similar one that may still be floating around for sale: Royal Heat FIR Portable Sauna

Does any of that info help??


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