VFD Wiring


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VFD Wiring

This is the first time I will be using a VFD and reading the manual I know that I have a lot to learn. The VFD is a Delta VFD007M11A model, 0.75kW, 1PH, 100-120VAC, 50/60Hz, 16A and it will drive an air cooled 0.8kW spindle GMT 220VR.

The above will be used on my new hobby cnc mill which I built myself; on my previous similar mill I had a Taig 200-48 spindle belt driven from a Sherline 90VDC VS motor.

The questions I have are related to the wiring schematic from the manual.

On the input power there are a magnetic contactor, AC line reactor, Zero-phase reactor, EMI Filter and Brake resistor and on the output to the motor there are a Zero-phase reactor, and an Output AC line reactor.

How important are all the above items on the input / output power?
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I just got done reading the installation instructions for that unit. All the extras you mentioned are installed if needed. If that VFD creates static that bothers someone/something.... then you'd add a filter to reduce the noise. That unit is a standalone unit and should operate fine just the way it is for you. Keep the wiring short between the unit and the motor. Make sure VFD is solidly grounded.

Now.... I have a question. The specs on your spindle don't match the VFD. The spindle shows 220v and possibly three phase. Is the link below the correct unit ?

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Originally the vendor had told me that all items I mentioned are included but when I got the VFD all these items were not included. Asking the vendor again he told me he made a mistake and are not included. The wiring diagram in the manual shows these items to be installed in the incoming power to VFD and my question was if they are really needed for such a small VFD

Yes that is my spindle but the VFD is incoming 120VAC, 1PH but outputs 220V, 3PH. The vendor had told me that they mach

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