Connecting cables to a two-port Switch


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Connecting cables to a two-port Switch


I want to connect this switch to a lamp cable (European 230 V). It's a two port switch, which I think is good. I just wonder what the third connection (to the left in the picture) is for. Is that for ground cable? The lamp unfortunately doesn't have a ground cable, so I guess I should just leave it empty then?

Also, any suggestions how to avoid "gaps" (I think that's the English word, I mean that the cable is not 100% conected, but when you move the cable the circuit breaks on and off with the movement) in the connections? I've heard that "gaps" can be a safety issue.

Please give me some advice, thanks /Teszla
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This is primarily a North American forum. I have never seen a switch like that and doubt many here will be familiar with it. I believe by two port you mean two pole but most European power 220 power systems have one earthed conductor (neutral) and one un earthed conductor. In the U.S. you never switch the neutral so why a 2-pole switch if it is the same where you are. As to the third set of contacts they certainly look like a ground connection.
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That looks like a switch designed to switch two devices.

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