Temorarily Isolate Light Fixture


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Temorarily Isolate Light Fixture

If a fuse was opening because of a short at a light fixture or the wiring between two 3WAY switches and that fixture,

would removing the switches and capping the 3 wires at each location isolate the fixture and the wiring between the switches from the rest of the circuit?
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There are many ways this could be wired so it would depend how. If you remove both switches and the light fixture, and then isolate all the wires, your short should not be there anymore. If it is, then your short is someplace else in the circuit.
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If the switches/switch wiring hasn't been touched then it is highly unlikely the short would be in the switch lines. It would more likely be in the light fixture/socket.

Usually there is a much more on a circuit then just that one light. If you still have actual fuses then 1/2 the house could be on that fuse.

Why do you think the problem is in that light ?

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