load calculations and high efficiancy lighting


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load calculations and high efficiancy lighting

While doing load calculations for my sub panel upgrade and using the 2005 (I believe) NEC formulas, I had a thought while addressing the general lighting section. I figured that this formula for general lighting using square footage of your home is based on incandecent lighting wattage. Would I be correct? If so, has there been any thought as to compensate for the lower wattage of high efficiancy lighting? Is there any way to calculate based on high efficiancy lighting, (other than couting all my lighting wattage)? I have 0 incandencent bulbs or fixtures in my home and I imagine that my general lighting demand is much lower than the calculations show and that would be helpful in not being soo close to the max amperage of my service. Just a though. Was curious what people that actually know a lot about this stuff thought.
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The load calculation for lighting uses the maximum wattage rating of the fixtures. The type of bulb is immaterial.

The answer has to be based on the maximum power that could be drawn.
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Gotcha. I guess that is what I was getting at. An example being with CA Title 24 requiring high efficiency fixtures in certain areas of a home. I was just curious if this is or will be accounted for. A majority of my fixtures are such.

With that said, should I stick to the standard calculations or would it benefit me to more accurately calculate it? I don't think having my load calculation figured out it is required to pass inspection but some folks here have mentioned it. Is it normally required when doing a kitchen remodel and just adding a few circuits? It's not noted on my permit. If it is, this would be more of an issue being that I am almost maxed out on what would be allowed.

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