Valid Circuit Diagram


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Valid Circuit Diagram


I live in Hattiesburg, MS, and I am extending a 20 amp circuit that is currently only supplying power to 2 unused receptacles. This extension will supply one more receptacle and 3 lights (switched by a single-pole switch). The layout of the devices is a bit odd:

Source - Light1 - Light2 - Receptacle - Switch - Light3

I do not want the receptacle to be switched. Here is a diagram that I think will work, but since I could not find another layout online similar to this, I thought I'd first ask if this is acceptable.

The blue lines are neutral, and I did not include ground wires in this diagram, but assume everything will be properly grounded.

Thanks for the help!


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Welcome to the forums.

Your drawing is correct. Nice job !
The use of the three wire cable will carry switched power back to your lights.
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Welcome to the forums!

That looks like it should do what you're trying to make happen.
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I guess I was only really concerned with the neutral path. I have never wired a receptacle in the middle of a light run and wasn't sure if that neutral path was okay.

Thanks for the quick response!

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What room is this circuit serving? Most 20 amp circuits are limited to what they can serve. some cannot have lighting on them.
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It is serving a covered back porch. The 2 receptacles existing on the circuit are in a hallway. Inside, the wiring is 12/2 romex. It will change to 12/2 THHN traveling through gray pvc conduit once it leaves a jbox in the stud wall and goes through the cinder block to the back porch.


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