One Dead Outlet on Circuit


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One Dead Outlet on Circuit

I noticed that we had one dead outlet on the main circuit to our front room. I thought no problem it should be easy to troubleshoot. I checked and saw that power was not getting to that outlet and began to try to find where the next box up the line was from. Thats where I ran into troubles. It is the only outlet on that side of the wall, with the otherside being on a GFCI. All the other outlets were easy to figure out how they were wired.

I am now trying to figure out where that outlet is supposed to be getting power from. Any ideas on how someone may have wired it or an "out of the box" way to try to trace it?
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If you know which circuit breaker controls the dead receptacle.... turn it off. Now you'll have more dead receptacles. Check the closest ones for problems.

In particularly look for wires pushed into the back of receptacles which can be a real trouble causer.
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I have checked all the other outlets that I believe are on that same circuit, I'll flip the breaker off and see if there are some I missed as I was mostly guessing and following the not always accurate labels.

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