Fan motor problems


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Fan motor problems

Trying to get the fan motor on a toe heater for our kitchen to work properly. It turns with great difficulty when it tries to get started, when trying to manually rotate it, you can feel considerable resistance. Once it does start, after some manual help it works ok, but it wont start itself. Is there anything I can do to repair it?

thanks for any qualified help!
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Is this a new heater or existing? It sounds like something is bent or gummed up. I suggest taking it apart and see if you can lube it up or see if anything is bent.
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On occasion a few drops of light oil may work on the end bearings but that is usually a temp fix, if you can find a model # on the unit you maybe able to find a replacement on eBay.
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I agree the motor is likely partially seized.
WD-40 cleans up bearings quite well.
Take the motor apart as suggested and use WD on the shaft and sleeve bearings to clean them.
WD is not a lubricant for motors so after cleaning lube with non-detergent or oil designed for electric motors.

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