Iontophoresis device


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Iontophoresis device

If you dont know about this device please google it. basicly its use electritict to heal hyperhidrosis

Hi I need to know how come that this device (iontophoresis) is safe its seems to
me that every place that I check over the internet say that 7-15miliampere can kill if it goes throught your heart and this device use to transfer a 7-15miliampere through your hands(hear in the middle)when they are wet

how come no one died from it?
also some side questions that I didnt manage to find
1)who conduct better electricity human body or metal
2)if I have 12volts and 2 apm/h or 12volts and 15 apm/h what different it makes when I use it on my body if my body cant consume more then 30miliapmere ?(the source for that is from this
vid : Cure Sweaty Hands, Palms, Hyperhidrosis, Hyperhydrosis - YouTube
min : 4:20 )

please help me
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I think you are delving into an area outside the do-it-yourself arena. This is not something that is common. We don't know where you are from since your profile is not complete, nor do we know why you are asking about such a device. Fill us in.

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