Cant find a switch for the job i am doing


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Cant find a switch for the job i am doing

Hello everyone, first time poster here. I am having trouble finding a switch that I need for a control panel I am building. I would like the switch to be a 22mm hole.

Basically I need a 2 position switch that I can use to select between 2 different inputs to 1 common output. More specifically I am using 2 auber instrument temperature controllers to control 1 SSR via 12VDC and would like to switch the SSR control between the 2 temp controller outputs. I also need to turn on a 120v light for the selected controller.

Now I know I can use a 3 position 2NO switch to select between controllers but I would rather not have a center off position, I want 1 controller selected at all times. Also are there switches with DPST that I can run 12vdc on 1 pole and 120vac on the other? This is my ideal switch. If need be I don't mind using a switch to control an external relay to accomplish my goal.

But as for the switch itself, im not sure what to look for ie: 2nc contacts or 2no? I can pretty much only find 2 position switches with 1no contact. but that leaves me with a basic on/off switch right? when I need an ON/ON switch essentially...

Any help you can give will be appreciated, sorry for the long post.
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Welcome to the forums!

A switch that has two inputs and one common would be a single pole, double throw switch. (SPDT)
I would not mix high voltage (120v) and low voltage together. Use a relay to switch the high voltage.
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Ok how would I power the relay? My output from the temp controller would be 12vdc but fast switching hence the SSR. where would I get my control current from to power the 120v relay? I guess I would have to use a DPDT switch with a separate dc power supply to one set of contacts?...but then wouldn't I need 2 separate relays to power the 2 lights?
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They make 22mm, 2 position selector switches. You can add as many contacts to selector switches as you need. They make NO, NC and NO/NC. Just depends on how deep your enclosure is.

Try Wolf Automation or Allied Electronics.
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Grainger and Automation Direct are two more sources for 22mm operators and contact blocks.

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