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Hi i have a question about ceiling fan wiring:
I have 4 wires coming out of the fan:
dark blue: for light kit

I have 3 wires coming out of the ceiling:

which wire should i connect to which..please advise.thanks
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white connects to circuit white(neutral) , now you mentioned 1 white so I would asssume that this is joined somewhere in the fixture that serves as the neutral feed for both the light and the fan.

green is ground - conenct to bare wire and grounding screw of box.

dark blue you state is for light kit, should be the hot wire for light.

Black should then be the hot wire for the fan.
Now what is on the wall for switches, I will have to assume that the yellow and red wires end up at a switch or speed control device. Do you live in Canada or the US, I ask that because of the yellow wire coming out of the ceiling, it seems to be a non-standard color.
Logicly it appears that the yellow would serve as the hot feed on either the fan or the light, and the red would serve as hot wire feed for the other item.

In order words one of these 2 combinations...

yellow from ceiling to dark blue
red from ceiling to black


red from ceiling to dark blue
yellow from ceiling to black
Any speed control device would have to be on the wire feeding the fan.

However if a regular dimmer it may want to be on the feed to the light.
I can't be exact on the hot wire combo without seeing and knowing the wiring inside the switch possible speed switch location on the wall.

If the 2 wall switches are switches only there it won't matter which of the above combinations you use, however it a speed control exists or a dimmer pot is in play, you will need the correct combo.

You can either take a closer look at the wiring at the switches...

Use a basic temporary socket with basic light bulb, and hook to the ceiling red and white -see how the wall switches/pots/speed control affect it, then try the yellow and white and see how it is affected.

I am sure a little logic and it can be figured out.
Also what was installed on the ceiling before ?

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Red face ceiling fan wiring

thanks for the message dkerr.
I just moved to a brand new constructed house, there was nothing on the ceiling before, i asked the builder to put reinforced outlets and thats what i have. the outlets are just controlled by 1 switch. I live in naperville, il, in the USA.
1. join white wire from the fan to the white wire in the ceiling in the outlet
2. connect green to a grounding screw
3. join dark blue from fan to red in the ceiling
4. join black from fan to yellow in ceiling.

pls. double confirm so i can give this a shot. thanks
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White as I stated, green as stated.

What I don't understand is there is only 1 switch and no speed control why a yellow and red wire at the ceiling. box. Are both the red and yellow of the same gage wire ?

Do the following checks...

Look in the switch box to see what the color of the wires that are in there, what is conencted to what and the color of the wires attached to the switch screws.

Do the temp socket lamp test and hook up to the yellow and white, check the switch. Then check the red and white to see what the switch does. See if only 1 switch there should be only 1 switch hot wire. But there is 2.

In order to switch separately the fan and light there must be 2 switches or some kind of control unit on the wall.

If it is a newly contructed house you should be able to get after sales advice from the builder that could inform you exactly how the yellow and red wire are wired and routed/purpose.
Regardless if the circuit power enters the light box first or the switch box first, the builder should have hooked up that part properly and we should only have to deal with the wires that connect to the fixture being installed at the ceiling.
It would be wise to switch off the breaker when connecting wires. And put an insulator wire nut over the any unused wire.

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Something is wrong here. Take caution!

dkerr and I both have concerns about that yellow wire. In Illinois yellow depicts a hot wire yet you speak of only on switch. Question this wiring strong enough to open the switch and let us know what that yellow wire is connected to.


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Unhappy fan wiring

thanks guys for all your advice i will go home and check this evening and write back on the forum tomorrow of my findings..i appreciate your help and advice..thanks

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