Patio Ceiling Fan Switch Outlet Mystery - Photo Attached


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Patio Ceiling Fan Switch Outlet Mystery - Photo Attached

This is my first post so I appreciate any help. I have put this project off for 9 months so its time to figure out how to get my fan working.

I have a switch just inside the door that leads to my patio. I have a ceiling fan just outside my patio door that does not turn on. I have tested the power at the ceiling fan and it is dead. To investigate further I removed the switch inside that I assume is for the ceiling fan outside because it doesn't control anything when you turn it on or off. The attached picture shows what I found. Nothing was connected to the switch. I thought at first glance that they just bypassed the switch to keep the power on all the time, but they have tied together black and red wires(both lines coming into the box are 14-3). Then they left one black and one red with a wire nut on each.

Can anyone make sense of this?

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Welcome to the forums.

You checked for power at the ceiling and found none. Did you check for power at the switch box ?
You may have to open the red/black splice to see what it controls if it's live.
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Check the switch. How did you test the ceiling fan power? Trace the wire to verify where they are going to.
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Did the fan ever work?
At first glance I would think you have a multiwire circuit. The black at the switch may be power for the fan while the red in that cable is powering something else. Do you have a 3 wire in the fan box?
Investigating which wires have power and where they go is needed, but I'm going to guess your black at the switch is power coming in, and your red is delivering power up to the fan, or vice versa.
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Ceiling Fan Switch

You stated "Nothing was connected to the switch. I thought at first glance that they just bypassed the switch to keep the power on all the time"

It makes me think the original owner made the fan energized all the time and controlled it with a hand-held remote. Usually a 14/3 is run to the ceiling fan and a switch that controls the fan with the BLK and the light with the Red is installed at the wall box, however with the increase in hand-held controls you can get away with just a two conductor to the fan/lt. As mentioned you need to verify what you have at the fan and that you have power at the switch box so you can make your final connections. If you look in the fan you will see a control module if a hand-held was used. You can remove that if you no longer have a remote and go back to a switch control at the wall box, or get a new remote and fan module.

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