Very intermittent circuit breaker tripping


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Very intermittent circuit breaker tripping

I been have issues with my electricity tripping at very random times. The strange this is that it usually occurs in the middle of the night or when I am out which means appliances that are on concurrently are at a minimum. On the odd occasion it occurred while I was in the house.
Sometimes it can trip 4-5 times per week and then suddenly it won't trip for a month or more.
I've taken some action to reduce the load on my main RCD protected circuits, but still it is tripping.
I'm not sure what else I can try and I'm not convinced what a qualified electrician can do besides rewiring/replacing the whole unit.
If it needs replacing, then fair enough but how can I check if something is faulty or not?

Thanks in advance
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You need to give your location in profile so we can better help but since you said RCD that means your not North American and this is mainly a North American forum so you may only be able to get limited help to differences in wiring practices.

Is this a main breaker tripping or a branch circuit breaker tripping? If a branch circuit is it just one? You mention overload but a RCD may also trip because of moisture. Are any of the outlets (lights or receptacles) exposed to moisture.

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