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Question Bathroom Circuit Question

I'm putting a half bath in my basement and trying to figure out my wiring plan. I'm installing an upflush toilet, vanity light, one GFCI outlet next to the sink and a fan. The mascerating unit for the upflush toilet will be behind the bathroom wall (in a storage room), so the receptacle for the toilet will not be in the bathroom.

If I understand the code correctly only receptacles in the bathroom can be on a bathroom circuit. Since the upflush toilet will be plugged in on the back side of the bath wall, does that mean it cannot be on the same circuit as the rest of the bath? Or is this an exception since the toilet is part of the bathroom?

I was hoping to either run 1 - 20amp circuit for the entire bath (light, fan, GFCI outlet by sink and GFCI for upflush toilet), or run 1 - 20amp circuit for the GFCI outlet / toilet GFCI outlet and put the lights / fan on another lighting circuit. Any preference on which way is better?

I do have another 20amp receptacle circuit going into the storage room. If needed i can put the upflush toilet on that.

Thanks in advance!
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I'd put the receptacle on one circuit and put the lights and the upflush toilet on another circuit.
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I thought of that too but I can't see running a circuit just for one receptacle that will most likely never be used.
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By code the receptacle in the storeroom can not be on the bathroom receptacle circuit because the bathroom receptacle circuit can only serve the bathroom so most logical is to put the bathroom fan/light and storeroom on a separate circuit since the bathroom light/fan can be on a shared circuit serving other rooms.

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