Wiring Plan for Basement


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Question Wiring Plan for Basement

I will be wiring 2 new lighting circuits in my basement. Each will be a 15amp circuit. I figured out all the wattages for each fixture in dividing up the circuits using the max bulb size for each fixture. Just looking for some reassurance that I figured things out correctly:

Circuit 1: Total of 13 - 6" recessed lights @ 75Watts each. Total 975 Watts. 4 switches total to control the 13 lights.

Circuit 2: Total of 15 lights: 4 - 6" recessed lights at 75Watts each, 4 - 4" recessed lights at 50Watts each, 1 fixture at 180Watts, and 6 wall sconces at 60Watts each. Total 1040 Watts. 5 switches to control the 15 lights.

Using 80% of a 15amp circuit would be 1440 watts so I'm below that threshold for both circuits. Does this sound correct for the number of lights and switches on each circuit?

Thanks in advance!
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Unless the lights are going to be on for 3 hours or more you can use 100 percent, the 80 percent is a good design limit.

The number of switches is a design issue. How do you want the lights to operate?
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Everything looks good to me!
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Thanks for the feedback. I knew I was OK based on wattage but wasn't sure if the number of lights or switches was too much.

I have another circuit down there I'm trying to figure out now as well. It's a wet bar area, 8' long which will have 2 countertop GFI receptacles, an under cabinet fridge and a pump for the bar sink.

My first thought was to put 1 - 20amp circuit for this entire area, but I'm not sure if that's too much for one circuit or if the pump would need a dedicated circuit. I believe the pump is about 5 amps. There may be a small microwave attached to the countertop receptacles. Should I break this up into 2 circuits, one for the counter receptacles and one for the sink pump/fridge? Or is there a better way to design this setup?

Thanks in advance!

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