Will this AC adapter work with my bilge pump?


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Will this AC adapter work with my bilge pump?

I'm looking to use a bilge pump in a home (not vehicle or boat) environment, and so I need an adapter for it.
The pump I am looking at is a Tsunami 800GPH model.
Specs are 12V @ 2.5-3A
I do not have a picture of the cable, but it is 2 simple wires coming out, which are usually attached to a 12V battery, such as a car battery.

I have an old Gamecube AC/DC adapter which is rated 12V @3.25A. The bilge pump wires will fit perfectly in the holes in the Gamecube adapter, which SHOULD eliminate the need for wire splicing. Name:  ac_adapter_output.jpg
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Based off of the specs, do you think that this setup will work? I know that the amperage is a bit higher than necessary, but I've heard that this can be a good thing, provided it's at least close. I've heard that higher amperage gives a little bit of 'wiggle room'
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If you've got both the power supply and pump give it a try. Just make sure the polarity is correct and that the 12 volts from the power supply is DC and not 12VAC.

I assume you're trying to come up with some sort of battery powered backup for a sump pump. Keep in mind that bilge pumps are designed for very low head with short piping runs. The output drops dramatically the higher it must pump the water and since they generate such low pressure any restriction from the pipe can significantly cut it's output. Use the largest diameter pipe you can and minimize fittings, especially 90 degree fittings.
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It is DC, yeah. I'm actually planning on using it as a backup Aquarium sump pump, so the water wont have to travel far. 4.5' head, and the pump is rated for 13'. I'm assuming that by polarity, you mean which cord goes into which hole? Red for positive and black for negative (usually)?

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