Grounding question: Is this dangerous?

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Grounding question: Is this dangerous?

I'm interested in the idea of making a "grounding sheet" (no judgements!). Which is a means of connecting a grounding wire from a bedsheet to the ground pin on an electrical outlet - to reduce the voltage travelling across the bed and into your body.

Now normally the ground does not carry current. And I normally have nothing plugged into the outlet during sleep. What I'm worried about is fault current. With nothing plugged into the outlet, could fault currrent somehow be triggered, make its way into the ground wire attached to my bedsheet, and fry me like a tater tot in my sleep?

(There is a means of grounding directly to earth using a stake, but that's not feasible for me).
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I have heard that stray voltage fields affect the bodies natural abilities.
I make absolutely no statements or observations based on that.

I'm not going to argue with anyone on the merits of this grounding but here is my opinion on the connection of it.

If this is something you would like to do I would only recommend connection to an outdoor ground rod. The electrical system ground is not a true ground. Based on the distance from the power producing plant and distribution facilities your electrical ground will be several volts above true earth ground. This voltage is actually what the guy in the video is showing. He probably doesn't know why the stray voltages are actually there. By connecting to the building's ground system you are actually placing that mat above ground.

An excellent video on stray voltages is provided by Mike Holt.... a leader in code and electrical practices. The link below is to that video. It's an hour and a half long but in it he describes where these stray voltages come from.

Mike Holt Stray Voltage Video
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Thanks, but the guy's talking about stray dogs and agricultural buildings. I just want to know whether there is a risk of grounding a bed to electrical ground, in the specific conditions I described. And if so, how any danger might come about, with nothing plugged into the outlet.
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Yes, there is a danger. In main panels, both neutrals and grounding electrodes are affixed to the same buss. Neutrals carry unused current. I would not want to have anything like what you described connected to a bed that I was sleeping in. So going to the ground of a receptacle, whether or not there is anything plugged in is not a good idea. Going directly to a grounding rod is the only safe way you can do it.

That's all you got out of the entire 1 1/2 hours of video? For information, milking stations on concrete floors utilize the slab with grid grounding, or "plane" grounding to keep static electricity from affecting the milk production of cows while they are being attached to the milking machines. These grids go directly to ground rods, and not to the electrical system of the building.

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