ROHS Compliance


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ROHS Compliance

I was looking at some UF-B cable and saw that Southwire UF-B is labeled ROHS compliant and Greenspec. The Colonial Wire and Cable UF-B dosen't have that labeled on their box. Are all NM-B and UF-B ROHS compliant by law or is it just up to each company to comply with these ratings?
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AFAIK there is nothing in PVC jacketed copper cable that would make it not RoHS compliant. RoHS was supposed to cut down on a few heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, etc) and brominated flame retardants. PVC uses chlorine for its flame retardant, not bromine, so it would not be subject to RoHS.

But that's besides the fact that RoHS is European regulation and has nothing to do with the USA.
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tax; good answer. Just that our own California has regs modeled after EU RoHS. Not too surprising...

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