open circuit mystery


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open circuit mystery

I rarely use our bathroom outlets, and recently noted that the GFI outlet in one bathroom was dead and the non-GFI outlet in the other bathroom was also dead. I don't know what caused the failure but we've had two power outages and I used a built-in generator circuit both times for about 12 hours.

I replaced the GFI outlet in one bathroom but there is still no current in either bathroom outlet. The lights work, probably on another circuit. There is no voltage across the wires to both outlets.

All circuit breakers in the service panel read 120 volts on a multimeter.
There is no visible arcing, charring, or other evidence of a short or other malfunction. Just no juice to two outlets, all else seems fine.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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Did you get 120 volts on the line wires at the GFCI?
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Open Circuit

I would go to the replaced GFCI and check to see if you have 120V from Hot to Neutral, if not, check from Hot to ground. You may have a bad neutral connection either in that box or back at the panel.

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