reverse polarity & stabilizer


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Question reverse polarity & stabilizer

in my home lot's of two pin devices are giving me mild shock . 3 pin device like PC / fridge etc. are working fine without any issue . i think there is issue of reverse polarity in my home . i want to know if i use stabilizer can this issue will get fixed ?

i m planing to buy stabilizer for my tv . as my tv already stop working twice . and i think reverse polarity is cause of it .
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What's a stabilizer? If by stabilizer you mean a voltage regulator or surge protection device, those things will not fix a reverse polarity condition. If you are getting shocked from your appliances, they should be repaired or replaced.
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thanks for reply . i test three adapter in home as well as in office. two of it has 9v and other is 12v . use for wifi router,tablet charger and STB . if i check neutral point of all three adapter, line tester LED glow, is this normal?

As of my knowledge neutral point of adapter won't glow line tester LED, but it's happening in both home and office. so either i m wrong and it's normal that line tester will glow in neutral point of adapter or both of home and office electrical circuit has problem .

plz help me to clarify above understating .
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A reverse polarity shouldn't be giving you shocks either.

First off, what's your location? Are you in the US?

Testing the adapters won't really tell you much. You need a simple neon voltage tester like this:
GE 90-300 Volt Circuit Tester-52060 at The Home Depot

A multimeter could work too, but are sometimes more difficult to use and digital ones can give you misleading results.

Which 2-prong devices are giving you shocks specifically? Does it always give a shock whenever you touch it, or only sometimes?
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i m from india .

main problem is with my bravia tv which has two pin .

HDMI port of my tv stop working twice this year and i repair it . as tv giving mild shocks i m think that that is reason behind HDMI issue .

when i touch screw of tv i get mild shock then nothing . seem like tv trying to use my body to discharge some current. again after some time i get mild shocks .

if i put my one finger on one screw and check other screw with line tester it won't glow .

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