Where to add switch to my pellet stove electric supply?


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Where to add switch to my pellet stove electric supply?

The outlet where my living room pellet stove plugs in is inside the pellet stove enclosure. The enclosure is accessible through the back side, the kitchen wall, where there is a cabinet door that opens into the enclosure.

I want to make this outlet a switched outlet, and I would also prefer to have the switch outside the enclosure. The pellet stove outlet is daisy chain fed from a nearby electric outlet about 12” from the floor, serving the kitchen and I would like to have the switch on that same kitchen wall. So my questions are:
(a) Can I install the switch down low, close to the floor, perhaps by changing the existing wall outlet to a 2 gang?
(b) Or should I place it higher up just in case it is gets kicked (I admit I have never seen switches installed low close to the floor)?
(c) Any possible code violations with this project?

Why do I want to add the switch:
I want the switch to be able to cut off power to the stove when I leave the house (especially extended absence). I do not trust the stove’s electronic control as it is old. The stove appears to have started “on its own” once, but I think it was one of my kids playing with the buttons, and they just never admitted to it. But in any case, I think it would be safer to have it on a switch. Right now, I just unplug it when we leave; however, not all family members consider this easy enough to do every time.

Advice appreciated.
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Pellet stove switch

You could use an X10 receptacle where the existing one is now and then install an X10 switch where ever you can pick up 120V in the house. So you could have the switch away from the stove in a more preferable location. Having the switch up and way from the stove (with kids) may prove a better location. Just a thought....
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Had to Google x10, but indeed it is a cool device with many potential applications. I do realize that I would be increasing safety with the X10, as both the old pellet stove electronic control and the X10 system would have to malfunction in order for the pellet stove to come on by itself, however I’m reluctant to add electronic complexity at this point.

Thanks for suggesting that mounting the switch high would place it out of the kids’ reach.

I’m leaning towards installing a new switch box at standard 48” height (or higher, perhaps 52”?), either a one gang with a bright self-lit switch, or a two gang with switched outlet to install a night light as a pilot light. The light will tell me at a glance whether power to pellet stove is on or not. Then from the switch feed a new outlet into the pellet stove enclosure to plug the pellet stove. A low profile switch will work best because this is a high traffic area so it would be best if switch does not stick out the wall.

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