Adding new Breaker Panel


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Adding new Breaker Panel

Good Day,

I live in Northern Ontario Canada! currently I have a 100 amp service to an older style fuse box. What I would like to know is can I add a 100 amp sub panel or use a entrance style box with it's own man and basically transfer most of my circuits to the new breaker panel without having to actually remove my old fuse panel. I have replaced most of the lines in my home with new wiring during my renovations and in anticipation have left enough length to do what ever is needed to be done to put into a new panel. I do not want to go through the entire hydro disconnect panel swap inspector $$$$$$$$ thing. There are very few circuits left that I have not and can not change the older wiring on so they would have to remain in the fuse panel but I would like to change the majority over to a breaker style panel. My current panel is about 22 circuits with 2 cartridge style for 220 volts, I'm hoping to transfer my stove, dryer, 220 heated floor, and at least 10 to 15 circuits to a new breaker panel if possible.

Can this be done?
Is it allowed and legal?
What is the best way to do it if so?
If not any recommendations beside the obvious just replace the whole panel.
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Can this be done?
Maybe it can be done if you have a 100 amp fusible pullout.

Is it allowed and legal?
I'm sure it would be allowed, but it wouldn't be legal without a permit/inspection.

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