Socket short circuit


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Socket short circuit

One day when I was changing a light bulb, I put in the wrong size for the socket. When I turned the light on, there was a crack and then a buzz sound with blue sparks. When I checked the light socket, there was a black streak that had deposited in the socket and on the metal part of light bulb. It also tripped the circuit breaker. After resetting the circuit breaker, I turned the light(chandelier) on and everything worked OK. I'm just wondering if I can put in another a light bulb in the socket with the "accident".

Also, I'm not sure if this is related but the C0 alarm started to indicate low battery after I reset the breaker
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Change the 9v battery in the CO detector.

You should be able to put the correct bulb in the socket as long as it's not melted or deformed.
With the power turned off... see if a bulb will screw in.

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