Downstairs bathroom outlet not working anymore!


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Exclamation Downstairs bathroom outlet not working anymore!

We have lived in our new 'old' home (built in 1970) since the end of December of last year.
There are 2 full bathrooms, upstairs and downstairs.
The downstairs bathroom NEEDS updating and renovation work which I had started doing.
The downstairs bathroom has 2 wall mounted lights and also an electrical outlet on the same wall panel which I had to remove in order to pull off the panels. I shut off the specific circuit breaker and then capped off all the wires.
At some point PRIOR to all of that though-
When the power was still on , I accidentally pushed down on the outlet and one of the wires touched the box edge which, OF COURSE, SPARKED and shut off the circuit breaker.

After cleaning out the interior of the wall, adding new insulation, shifting over one of the wall mounted light wires approx 1 foot to the left and then securing the outlet box better.. I had reinstalled the sub and wall panels back in place.
There had been NO DAMAGE to any of the wiring when I moved it over.
I turned the circuit breaker back on for the bathroom and low and behold -the outlet showed no power.. I thought that maybe the original outlet was damaged so I shut off the circuit breaker and installed a new one that Ive had in my tool box. I turned the circuit breaker back ON-
I decided to test the wires using my "pocket II Protek" Electrical Tester.
Setting it at AC V I touched the wires for the outlet wires and the wall light's wires..
They all showed only 7.79v

I really need pro advice! Please help.. thank you all
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I would suspect you have a GFI receptacle tripped somewhere, possibly in the other bathroom?

The code didn't require bathroom receptacles to be on their own circuit till like '99 or perhaps '02 so, the GFI could be anywhere.
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My house, built in 1987, had the bathroom receptacles fed from a GFCI receptacle in the garage. What made it doubly hard to find was the 4-way adapter plugged into the GFCI receptacle covering the test and reset buttons.
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Wirenut1110 and Furd,,THANK YOU for responding so soon!

The only GFCI receptacle that i have seen in this house thus far IS in the upstairs bathroom but it is still on,,I turned it off and then back on. Nothing..
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Look in the garage and basement, you might find more of them.
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Hi CasualJoe!
Everything is A-OK NOW!

Friends- I stupidly FORGOT to use the on/off switch for that end of the room!!!!!
There are two on/off switches at the other end of the bathroom next to the door!!
I had left one of them on throughout the time I was working down there.
When I would turn the circuit back on ,,the light nearest to the door and shower would turn ON..
The other lights and outlet are not on the same switch!!!
OMG- I wasted a lot of time because I didn't use commonsense!
Thanks to ALL OF YOU for your suggestions!!
Sorry about my confusions ..Hopefully next time,Ill USE some common
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Thanks for letting us know you figured it out. If you are ambitious you might want to remove the receptacle from the switch.
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Thanks Ray2047,,I really appreciate this forum already!
I will be quite active here..have a good day everyone!!!
(always good to know the Mod')

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