Conduit close to sweated joints


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Conduit close to sweated joints

I noticed I have lots of conduit that is within 2" of copper sweat joints. Is that a bad thing in regards to having make solder repairs? What provisions need to be made when applying heat to copper joints nearby?
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Do you have to make repairs? If not don't worry about it. You could go for years or ever without having to repair those joints.

If you do have to make repairs you certainly do not want to aim the torch at the conduit or any wood. Metal shields can be used to protect conduit and wood and they even sell flame resistant blankets specifically to protect objects nearby when using a torch.
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No repairs knock on wood, I am running conduit along my basement ceiling and while planning their routes I sometime see them real close to copper joints. I then calculateif I could remove that joint and sweat it on a bench and then attach it with a coupling away from the conduit if I am in too close proximity for my tastes.

If I can usually do that I proceed if not I try to find a different route.

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