Launcher for a spinning whirly bird from a shaft


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Launcher for a spinning whirly bird from a shaft

I have this project for school and its deadline is before Summer starts and I want a head start on it and I'm also sort of clueless. The jist of it is that there will be a solid shaft which will be spinning via a motor and on top of it is a plastic fan/turbine which lifts off. Now I got the dimensions for the shaft and case and bearings all set but just need to find a way to launch the fan from the shaft. A physical approach can be used but I'm first trying electrical means.

Hope I'm clear enough and posting in the right place!
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IF you can attach a metal ring to the whirly bird you could use a repulsion coil but a mechanical means would be far, far easier.
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Did Google search for 'toy flying spinner' and this was first article.

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Played with similar spinners when I was a young boy back in 1950's.
They either were pushed off spinning rod mechanically or self launched from lift generated.


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