Plug beside panel


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Plug beside panel

Hi everyone.

1.What is the purpose of having plug next to the panel?
2.At home I also have connect to the circuit the door bell. So the circuit witch is 15amp is only for those thinks (plug and doorbell)?
3. Can I add 3 light witch a switch at this circuit?

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Here in the US you need to have at least one receptacle in a basement, not including any needed for the laundry by code. It's easy for the electrician to meet this requirement by putting a receptacle near the panel.

It's also required to be GFCI protected here.

Check with your AHJ to see about extending the circuit.
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It allows you to plug in a light or power tools while working in the panel.
Also, it is handy to have for any data or phone equipment that may be installed nearby.
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Plug beside panel
It's not a plug, it's a receptacle. A plug is found on the end of a cord and has male prongs that are inserted into a receptacle which is a female device.
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I believe there's also a requirement to have a receptacle within 25' of equipment. So again, it's an easy way to ensure that requirement is met.

I see no code reason that you can't use that circuit for other uses, but in my opinion, why bother? You have a bunch of free spaces, adding a $6 15A breaker is easy and will keep your lights off that receptacle (that will be real handy to plug a worklight in when your other circuits are off).

Either way is fine per NEC.

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