Hot Tub Wiring Question


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Hot Tub Wiring Question


I have been reading a few of the previous threads on this topic, but I didnt run across a thread addressing my situation. This may be a crazy question but I just want to make sure.

Im running 6/3 w/ground romex from main panel, transitioning to THNW in attic,popping out soffit into conduit, down to the GFCI, which is being mounted on the brick of the house, and then THNW and ground to the hot tub.

Tub is going on a wood deck. Once the hot tub is installed, I will putting a Cabana around the tub. The cabana can be seen here Morgan Spa Cabana ... The cabana will be about 4ft from house. If you notice the cabna has a metal roof, and I know the NEC says to bond metal fixtures.

Will the roof actually need to be bonded? Am I ok installing the GFCI on the house and not in or on the cabana? My county works off the 2005 version of the NEC.

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The disconnect needs to be at least 5' away and within sight of the tub. If the roof is within 5' I would suspect the metal roof will need to be bonded, but that might depend on your inspector. Since the cabana is made for tubs, perhaps they already build in a place to bond the roof.

BTW - The wire is THWN not THNW.
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I've installed several hot tubes recently and have come across varying approaches. Get an actual spa disconnect box as it comes with the GFCI breaker installed. The National Electrical Code requires that a manual disconnect device for your hot tub be installed at least five feet away and within fifty feet of the spa for safety. It must be "in line of site."

I'm not sure about the roof of the cabana since it will be above the ground. That would be a question for the AHJ (inspector).

While you're running wires....a GFI receptacle is required in the area. Next to the disconnect on the house would probably be ok as it must also be more than five feet from the spa.
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So the 5ft away, in clear line of sight rule should not conflict with the GFCI being installed outside the cabana?
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My guess would be if the metal roof could be touched when standing up in the tub it would need to be bonded.
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