Gen-set power head info???


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Question Gen-set power head info???

In order to avoid personal preferences and brand loyalty I decided to post my questions here in the hopes I would get more of a technical answer rather then an emotional one.

Iím looking to replace my old and tired 1999 Generac 5000/6250 watt portable generator, which has served me well over the years with a slightly larger unit in the 6 to 7K watt range. It will be used primarily to power my oil-fired furnace, Ĺ HP submersible well pump, fridge and a few lights during a power outage total wattage requirements would be around 4730 watts.

I have read many reviews but most reviews contain little information regarding the actual power head, power quality and stability. There are units that claim to have a hybrid power head that uses both copper and aluminum windings, others that use 100% copper windings and so forth, and THD that range anywhere from 1% up to 12% THD.

While I donít want to go cheep I also donít want to break the bank as this will only be a back-up unit for the occasional power outage. What should I be looking for in a portable gen-set in terms of power head design, voltage regulation and power quality? Not looking for anything that will power sensitive electronics mostly items that have an electric motor.

Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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You want the lowest THD you can afford. Voltage regulation to better than +/- 10%.
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Does your furnace have an electronic control board? If so that can be an expensive lesson not to cheap out on a generator..

And just as important as the powerhead is the engine's ability to maintain 3600RPM (1800 for a four pole head) when something kicks on. The output frequency is directly tied to the RPM, and certain things like electronic control boards don't tolerate frequency fluctuations very well.
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My personal preference is a Honda.
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The things I look for are an electronic governor, low fuel consumption, cast iron cylinder liner, THD, low oil shutdown, fuel tank size, gfci, and ease of use. My personal favorites are the Honda inverter generators, PTO generators that run off a tractor, or the trailer mounted liquid cooled generators.

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