Extending PC power button


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Question Extending PC power button

I am tired of walking downstairs to power on my PC when my desk and peripherals are upstairs. I want to wire a momentary switch under my desk to simply extend the signal. What's the best way to do this, i.e. what type of wire should I use and how would I connect it to the pc?

Sorry if this should be in the computer section, but its more of an electrical question.
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Have you opened up the case on your computer downstairs to examine it's power switch? Is it a separate switch or a switch on the mother board? If it's separate you just need some two conductor wire and a momentary normally open (NO) DC switch. There are probably even some wireless devices you could use and dispense with the wires.
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Run two #24 or larger gauge wires from the PC to your desk. They will look neater if twisted together (or come as a 2 conductor cable). You can route them any way you want. If they are run inside of a wall then they must be rated for in-wall installation; this is for flammability concerns in case of any fire.

Inside the PC there are two wires running between the power button on the PC cabinet and the motherboard. Connect your two new wires one to each of the former wires without cutting said former wires. Soldering is preferred. Tape the connections so they can't touch each other or other metal parts.
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Sometimes just two wires and sometimes more than two wires and they are usually on a ribbon and not just plain wires either. I personally advise against doing that in my opinion I think it would be much better if you just kept your computer on all of the time rather than cutting into the wires. As for a wireless solution I haven't seen anything yet unfortunately either in a build your own project or something made by a major manufacturer. I have done some soldering myself on those wires when a switch wire came loose and they are very tricky to deal with.
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I'd use cat3 just for neatness. If it will run inside walls best to use cable rated for that such as thermostat cable. For convenience I'd suggest installing a female low voltage jack into the side or back of the computer and a corresponding male jack on the cable.

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