Splicing 6AWG Wires


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Splicing 6AWG Wires

Did a littlecleanup yesterday on the splice box the pro spark pulled for my HVAC. Drilled out some weepholes in the Exposed J Box. It had water residue in it.

In this day and age, are split bolts considered (old school) and not used no as common. What do you use when splicing 6AWG these days. The J Box is in place and it's not big enough to fit a polaris connector for all 3 pairs of 6AWG.

I ended up replacing the wirenuts with those inert silicone filled weatherproof ones.
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If you don't have room for an inline Polaris splice you may not have room for a split bolt after you tape it up, I would check out the Polaris options again they have a couple of good choices, one inline and another that would work like a split bolt where you would bring the conductors both in from the same direction.
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Split bolt are labor intensive and are only for two conductors. The pre-insulated like Polaris can accept one wire per hole so you can use one connector for multiple conductors.

It sounds like your junction box may be too small.

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