how do i wire my combo wall oven?


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how do i wire my combo wall oven?

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there are three wires coming from the junction box in the wall. one is white,black and a bare wire. the wires from the wall oven are black,red,any white and green. the green and white wire are taped together. any thoughts on how i should proceed? thx

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Welcome to the forums!

I've moved your question to a new thread to avoid having the answers to two different questions become confused.

From what you've said, the branch circuit to your junction box is a straight 240V circuit, with two hot conductors, a ground wire and no neutral. Since your appliance has a white wire in addition to the two hot wires and the ground, it appears to need a 120/240V circuit with a neutral. Adding a neutral conductor, if your house is wired with conduit, or replacing the existing cable with one that contains a neutral conductor, if it's wired with cable, is likely to be the best solution.

That said, more information would help us refine our answers. What is the make and model of your new appliance? What do the installation instructions say about its electrical requirements? Can you post a link to the installation instructions?

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