Moving outlets attached to a loose "stud"


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Question Moving outlets attached to a loose "stud"

(See the attached photo.)

What started out as a project to cover up some old pegboard has instead turned into removing said pegboard, random insulation, and the crappy wooden framework behind it all. (The only part that would theoretically remain behind is the horizontal piece of wood at the bottom of the photo.)

The woodwork shown in the picture is simply hanging loosely from a single horizontal 2x4 going across the ceiling (not pictured). I want to remove the wooden frame completely since its major purpose was holding up the now-gone pegboard, but these two outlets have me pausing. I'd like to leave them accessible but they're currently attached to the two vertical studs that will soon be MIA.

Knowing nothing about electrical, can I safely relocate both outlets from the loose vertical studs to that horizontal piece of wood running across the bottom of the photo? If so, is there a casing or box I should place the outlets in so they can be attached to the horizontal wood vs. being nailed to the vertical pieces as they are now?

Thanks for the help, as always.
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If depth allows the boxes can just be nailed to the horizontal wood. If not get a 4" square junction box with a side bracket and use a raised cover.

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Excellent, just what I was hoping to hear. Thank you for the quick reply!
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Why not just sister the stud and not move the box?
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The plan is for the vertical studs to go away completely, leaving the bare cement blocks, so there'd be nothing to sister to.
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The wire will no longer be protected in a hollow wall and will need to be protected by conduit.
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Unless you particularly want to keep the horizontal piece of wood there's no reason to. The two receptacles can each be in a 1900 (4" square) box with a raised cover. The boxes can be mounted to the concrete block using plastic anchors.

As Wirepuller said, the wiring will have to be in conduit. Better practice is to use individual conductors in conduit, not cable.

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