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i just installed a ceiling fan but it is not working i tested the wiring but it seems that no power is there the light switch to the fan has power and the wires are connected right so i don't no what the problem is can you help me. i connected the red from the ceiling to the black,blue from the ceiling fan and the white from the ceiling to the white from the ceiling fan and the green to the green but there seems to be no power. help me
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have you tried replacing the switch ?

hope this helps-------josh
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The wires at the ceiling, would there be a red / black/white /bare in the ceiling, usually when a red exits there could also be a black wire. Does the ceiling fan also have a light fixture under it ? Is the ceiling outlet an existing box that had a fixture on it previosuly and you removed that fixture and installing the fan possibly a fan/light combo.

Look at the ceiling box, what wires are existing there, I assume you didn't disconnect anything in there, just using the existing wires that were connected or the old fixture.

Is there only 1 switch on the wall to control this ceiling outlet ? , look at the switch and tell me the color of wire that are on it, if it is indeed the red wire being switched then this wire should also show up at the switch.

Next thing is that the fan/light could have pull strings on it, I assume you tried them. If a fan/light combo , does the light work ?

Is everything is conected right as you stated then it should be working but it is not. If you have a voltage /multimeter or something to check power , check for power between red and white at the ceiling, with the switch in one position and then with the switch in the other positon.

If it is a new fan a wiring diagram should have come with it, to tell which wires are the fan hot and the light hot, and possible wiring configurations.

If the switch worked with the old fixture then it should work with the new fixture.

If only 1 switch then if a fan/light combo , both will have to be wired together at the ceiling.

Lets confirm that without the fan/light being connected that there is power at the ceiling that is switched, once we confirm that we can deal with the fan wiring.
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I know this is kind of like asking if the lamp is plugged in but did you check to see if the switch of the fan or the switch of the light are both turned off on the fan?

Just asking

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ceiling fan

well i tested the wires on the switch on the wall and they were ok in the light switch on the wall the wires are red and white the red are connected to the switch. the wires coming out of the ceiling are red and white i tested them and it seems that the power is not there because the tester dose not light up then i connected the wires from the ceiling fan white to white and the red to the black and blue and the green to the green and it dose not work it seems no power coming in but there is power to the switch on the wall.
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I'm not an electrician but I just took down a ceiling fan/light and I can tell you the blue wire was also connected to the hot wire in the ceiling. The blue and black wires are hots for fan and light.
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Look again at your switch and make sure your wires on your switch are one black and one red. If your wires are two black on the screws of the switch then you need to look for a black wire that is switched in that ceiling box holding the fan coming from the switch.

Let us know what you find

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