Running NMD-90 (Romex) In PVC Raceway


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Running NMD-90 (Romex) In PVC Raceway

In my finished basement I want to run a 12/2 NMD-90 for a hot water tank (about 15 Metres). I don't want to rip open the ceiling and a NMD-90 clipped on the ceiling/wall ,drywall surface won't look very nice. Am I permitted to use PVC Wiremold Raceway ? If I'm not, what other methods of conduit could I use (other than EMT) ?
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Water heaters are normally on 30 amp circuits requiring #10 wire. Best practice is to run individual conductors such as THHN/THWN in conduit not cable. EMT is fine inside while the EMT can serve as ground many electricians would add a green ground wire when using individual conductors. In summary EMT from the breaker box to a metal 4x4 box at the water heater with two #10 blacks and a green. Then a whip to the water heater. If the water heater is not insight of the breaker box you need a unfused disconnect at the water heater instead of a 4x4 box.*

If WH is not in sight of the breaker box a permanently installed breaker lock can be used instead of a disconnect..

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